5-6 years


For older preschoolers, there are a lot of training programs and educational games. You can also adjust the computer and printer in order to write an invitation to his birthday party, or create a picture as a present to relatives. At this age the child "matures" to the perception of long feature films, but he still wants clarification on the go viewing. May be carried out at the screen for 30-40 minutes per day with one crash. Hour and a 1/2 movies are good stretch for 2 times.

Accident prevention

About moms and dads feel anxious because you can harm a intellectual construction of the baby, restricting its access to a computer or phone. Such fears are absolutely groundless, but a dependence on gadgets in a baby may actually form. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share your experience: thin hair upkeep after giving birth


A lot of women who are moms, complain of problems with a thin hair. Indeed, after a delivery, a sharp deterioration of the thin hair: you become brittle, lose your luster and get to fall. Recommend that mums who get been done this?

Why does thin hair fall out following birthday

However many processes in the aging body women manage hormones. Particularly when it comes to pregnancy and birthday. Changes everything: both outside and inside. Internal changes entail and external. Читать полностью -->

Recipes with buckwheat


Buckwheat, cheese souffle

500 grams of cheese,

200 g of buckwheat,

4 cups of natural milk,

200 grams butter,

3 egg

Half a cup of cane sugar,

Salt to tasting.

Wipe a cottage cheese in a blender, mash with a spoon buckwheat and sifted done a sieve. Milk to seethe. Absorb a buckwheat mealy in a natural milk, add to the the butter. Until the resulting mixing is languishing, separate yolks from whites. Combining a cooled gravity with grated cheese, eggs yolks and sugar and blend comfortably. Chilled whites beaten with salt and evenly pour them into a main cottage cheese and buckwheat mixture. Читать полностью -->

May chocolate nursing?


According to a lot of mothers and professionals, there are items that most ofttimes cause reactions in children (rash, cramps, agitation). These items often include chocolate. Is this true? May I warm-feeding chocolate?

A problem "May chocolate nursing?" Meets consultant GW Specialist Distance Learning Center consultant on breastfeeding "Project ProGV", member of the professional support of motherhood (SPPM) Julia Khomenko.

In the West, there is no such item how a "list of foods that mother at GW need be completely avoided," and most nursing moms may eat anything you require. It is impossible to give basic council on nutrition to all mums at once, because the aging body of each newborn is unique: it responded to a child, may not ignore a other.

If someone in your family has an allergy, then a child is more likely to react to a item. Perhaps, so, you'll possess to give up some items or use them in little quantities, but so again, these items will be variant for every newborn. According to many mothers and professionals, there are products that most ofttimes cause reactions in children (rash, cramps, agitation). Читать полностью -->

Symptoms of strabismus


A most common symptoms are:

- The newborn may not direct a eye at the same time at a single point in space. If you look deviates only slightly, you may not have noticed;

- Skin eyes not moving together;

- Squints one eye or closed in a sun;

- The newborn bends or turns his head to look at a facility;

- A newborn bumps into objects (strabismus impairs depth perception of space).

Older children may complain of blurred vision, eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, split items. Symptoms may come and go. Normally, they have worse when the baby is tired or sick.

As for a children, the be may be diskoordinirovannym at 1-st, but by 3-4 weeks of your, both skin eyes should be equalized. In some cases, children with a broad bridge of strabismus may be apparent. But if, after four months of life the child's eyes are not looking at one point most of a time, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist.

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